Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Edlington

Much has been written in the newspapers about New Edlington recently. (Mirror)

Two children 10 and 11 have been murderous, and slit one childs neck from ear to ear, at the back of a neck, probably with a stanley knife, and bashed up his nephew with bricks, as well as divesting them of clothing and bikes.

It is also now known that they carried out a similar attack on an 11 year old the week before but the police were not interested They are now and are spending time questioning the boys.

Questions come to mind Why weren't they quizzed earlier? Is one attack not enough?

Both of them had to be taken to hospital, the 11 year old initially with such injuries as to be "critical"

Both of these young boys are in care
according to the Guardian

Why were they not placed in secure care when the first attack happened a week previously?

The Police are trotting out the usual line

In the three weeks that these two brothers have been in Edlington they have been linked with at least five incidents.

It gets worse in the above article.

Yes they have a right to be where they are but not to cause trouble. They should have been pointed out to the Police who should have been keeping an eye out for them.

Instead it takes the attempted murder of two children for these two to actually be questioned and be subject to the law.

Why am I interested in this story? I have watched New Edlington for 12 years, It was my route from Home to School, It is an hours walk away, about 4 miles, less over the fields, It concerns me that there are feral youngsters ready to rob beat and murder for what they want in the local vicinity to where I grew up in idyllic Yorkshire. It saddens me.

As a political rider the minister for Europe who is the local MP Caroline Flint admits to not having read the Lisbon treaty, you wonder what else she hasn't bothered to look up or bothered to investigate.

17.55 Update The Boys have been seen in court regarding the attempted murder of the other two boys.

For an update on the court case and the outcome click here

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  1. I don't know why the Police did not act sooner, are child-on-child assaults still not counted as 'real crimes' in the stats ? Or had the two, alleged, assailants only recently been placed in care and so were looked upon as already being processed through what passes as "the system" ?

    Jaqui useless SSmith spouts "It will also not be tolerated.
    Sick-making; she could not be bothered to come up with something original but at least she did not describe the criminals as 'inappropriate'.