Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Fearful Fat Liar

pic by GOT
It has been one hell of a return to the blogosphere for me.

And as I have just gleaned A Future Fair for all is an anagram of Our Fearful Fat Liar

Do you believe him, I dont trust the fat fucker further than I could throw him.


  1. Nice one on the anagram, mate. It wouldn't surprise me if you've uncovered a little gold nugget here. This new catchprase of Labour's sounds distinctly odd. I reckon it could well be Mandy and his clique taking the piss out of Gordon via this humourous lexicographical device. The cunt's got good reason to be paranoid!

  2. Nice to see you back. Your anagram is much closer the truth than the original slogan. The one thing Liebor will NEVER be is fair. All they do is extract yet more tax from the dwindling number actually doing something productive, and handing it out to the growing number doing bugger all....