Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jacqui Smith , Hoist by her own petard

From the Times: Neighbours have alleged that Jacqui Smith stays at her London home for as few as two nights each week, despite claiming this is her 'main home' for expenses purposes

Now the question here is, She has a marginal 2500 majority or thereabouts, Just what does she think she is doing? Ticking the boxes and saying that Im doing alright Jack isnt ok. You see if she had accepted her grace and favour apartment, she wouldnt get a second home allowance.

Therefore we think it is a scam, Lets face it her husband must hate being at home doing the house husband stuff, hes too busy writing to the local paper. He is probably a robust social, and she a sensitive individual. ( Matrix Psychology)

So Jacqui How do you like the snooping neighbours now? You were the ones who said we should all look out for each other.


  1. It'd be brilliant if Jacqboots were nailed on the basis of CCTV footage showing how seldom she stayed at her sister's house.

  2. apparently it'll be the mobile phone mast reports according to Roger Thornhill over at NMF

  3. And watching porn (on the taxpayer) when not writing to the local paper!