Monday, February 16, 2009

Friendly atmosphere at New Scotland Yard

A lot of fun was had shooting pictures of New Scotland Yard and of the other people there, Old Holborn and Dick Puddlecote turned up, as did the press , the six o' clock news and the Beeb.

I was there but didnt get photographed except by the mainstream media, as you can see in the post immediately previous to this.

You will note that there are CCTV cameras covering this whole area so we were being watched carefully and recorded whilst we were out there.

I bet you there are a team of officers looking through everyone


  1. Great pics Henry. Good to meet you today. :-)

    wv: faces (made me lol)

  2. Great masks - were you dressed up too Henry?

    Not being able to photograph the Police. Bit of a bummer for Police recruitment posters eh?
    Mind you, some Police have always struggled to see their reflections in the mirror when shaving each morning ;-)