Friday, November 7, 2008

Blogging from Goa

Here I am in 30 plus degree heat, and blogging from Calangute beach in Goa well almost the beach,

Its been an interesting holiday so far, with me seeing the best and the worst of life in India

Have got some great motorcycle snaps, of people riding with no safety gear and in flip flops,

Managed to see the biggest temple complex in recent times at Akshardham on the banks of the Jamuna where the security is fierce , no cameras, no electronic equipment at all

Brother had to go back and deposit his usb flash memory in the cloakroom

We managed to bump in to the parents of someone I went to school with at the musical fountain show, and it was crowded that day so god knows how that coincidence came about literally

Attended a cousins wedding and enjoyed that, and have now come to goa to chill out and see what the life is like here.

Boy every third person is after flogging you something, be it a taxi or some awful handicraft that has been sitting in the sun.

Tourists are easy targets, Goa has a lovely beach and loads of Brits from Yorkshire of all places, are here

I feel right at home, but seriously on some fronts India has become more commercialised than ever before

There are big shopping malls with the same stuff you can buy in Britain albeit at some lowering of the price, but some things like bose are more expensive

Van heusen shirt? No problem will cost you 1800 rupees, about 20 quid or a bit more

Great India Place the biggest shopping mall in Asia, is on a par with some smaller shopping malls in britain its not quite the size of meadowhell yet

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  1. I used to have a travel photo of a beach scene, Goa - I'm envious. Enjoy.