Saturday, October 27, 2007

My head hurts...

I shall blog after Monday.. right now I have a headache. There is so much that is flying around with the full moon just gone and other stuff that comes with this time of this particular month including the clocks going back on Sunday morning (if you didn't remember then this is your chance to get an extra hour of time for sleeping and the rest...)

For me personally it means that there are now five months of dark evenings but I don't care.. I have a lightbox so summer is always present if I need it.

Apologies to regular readers.. there are some... but Henry is catching up with some decent quality time and trying to catch up with friends, listen to music and generally heal so there isn't going to be some sharp witty comment here for a bit because well Sunday signals the herald of it getting dark before you go home in the evening from work.

I try to think of it as governmental induced jetlag twice a year to put it into a different perspective so I guess this does have a political slant in some respects.

Anyway there is always Musings my other blog for you to read and digest if you feel the need to probe further...


  1. Maybe you turned to a werewolf during that harvest moon, and now you're paying for that wild time.

  2. Well, will miss you - but to take time out is good. You be sure to sunbathe under that old light box -just push the tomato plants aside for a while. I do believe i feel the benefit of my new box. take care. x