Friday, August 31, 2007

Two days in Paris and other good news

I went to see a very interesting and funny film today. Its called Two days in Paris.

I haven't laughed so much since I went to see Death Becomes Her in the cinema in the early 1990's when it first came out. Then I was recognised as being in the audience by some of my fellow medical students because of my laugh which is quite distinctive and according to one psychiatrist at our medical school should be canned.

I was giggling for half this movie, and boy I needed cheering up today. It delivered.

There is enough smut, dirty looks, flirting and dead animals to satisfy anyone who has ever had a relationship because that is what it is about.

Its partly in French with subtitles but if you can speak French you still need them as there is a lot of colloquial slang in the film.

The New York Times reviewed it here

The other good news? My favourite video is on Youtube finally. It is the 1986 preview video from Yugoslavia featuring the beautiful Doris Dragovic singing her bittersweet love song Zeljo Moja ( My Desire/Fire/Passion)

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