Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have been politically active today

I have been growing vegetables from seed and transplanted them into pots today

Why is this being politically active you say? 80% of our food is now controlled by the supermarkets and their lorries dependent on computer generated barcode readings at the checkout and the price of diesel to move food from their depots to the stores.

True the vegetables I am growing are much cheaper if grown by the supermarket but the taste of them I can control and I can get them from pot to mouth in ten seconds.

Haplessly though I have sown them very late but it means that the peas and the beans and all the other veg will be in season the moment the temperatures rise and the days grow long again.

There are other things in the news, Diana's ten year death anniversary, the legal challenge of the 7/7 survivors and relatives for a government inquiry into the bombings.

Both today and tomorrow there are funerals for friends' mothers.

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