Sunday, December 11, 2016

Westworld Tv Series

Now many people have watched Westworld lately

I understand the 2016 Tv version of Westworld. Its taken me a while but I think Ive got a very good idea of it. Basically the park is set up by Arnold Weber and Mr Ford ( played by Sir A Hopkins) and they let the androids play for three years and in that time Arnold tries to make Dolores Sentient and able to lie and find consciousness) He feels that she has reached consciousness, he puts all of his efforts in because his son has died ( probably from cancer) and so he treats Dolores as a new child for him. The other androids in the park are also doing well but havent yet achieved consciousness but their programming is such that they will eventually. Arnold goes to Ford to say that they cannot open the park because the androids are conscious sentient beings that will feel and hurt and eventually fight back. He makes it such that Dolores ( who he also programs as Wyatt the fearless killer) Reference the song Devil in the Blue dress ( song) just google it here on youtube) What Dolores wear when you first see her? A Blue dress.....)

*( courtesy of one of Evan Rachel Wood's dubsmashes ) also searchable here on Youtube. So Dolores kills every other android in the park in the town with the church and eventually kills Teddy aswell. You see this massacre in flashback a few times. and then finally using the voice command " these violent delights have violent ends" Arnold engineers his death by Dolores because thats the command that sends her to be homicidal towards the humans. So that all happens around 2015-2018 The three years in development The town is then buried under god knows how many tons of rock and sand etc leaving only the steeple above ground. which is where Dolores comes and says Ive been here before but it didnt look like this. William and Logan come to the park as members of Delos because the park is haemorrhaging money and Logan wants to buy part of it to keep it going He's been before ( we don't know when.) So this is 2022 and they come in on the train and if you notice the Logo at the top of the escalators then you'll see that its completely different from the one you see at the regular time which is set in 2052 when Sidse Babett is playing Theresa. So in 2022 they do their stuff and then Dolores goes off schedule with them and does the whole wild west thing on the train and William goes from a sweet innocent person to a killer He understands what the game is Its to kill without feeling remorse but he wonders why the androids cant fight back and also Dolores tells him of the Maze ( the maze that Arnold used as an analogy to getting fully sentient and conscious Once you figure out the maze you are conscious etc. Fast forward 30 years later and you see William ( ie the Man in Black slaughtering left right and centre but in the intervening period he has bought the park ( or a majority in it ) and kept it going and there fore he as a guest gets anything he wants. He is also trying to figure out the " Maze" because he has been coming to the park probably every year for the last 30 years and he wonders what it is. He yearns for a more realistic version of the park where the robots can fight back . Lets explain about the androids robots whatever you like to call them. Their programming has had " reveries" Now reveries are memories which make different improvisations Ie its learning from your memories and mistakes to be come conscious and its been activated in several hosts ( you see Thandie Newton and Bernard and she says weve been down this road before. Whilst all this is going on Delos the board management are trying to make the park more easy for people. Its too much to get all this accurate detail because they feel that they want to change things But they cant get any of the programming outside of the park because its stuck in the hosts so they interfere so that they can get stuff out but this causes problems etc because Ford is the one that writes the code and he keeps a tight lid on the programming So there are three separate timelines in the show and its all dovetailed together to look and fool the viewer, 

Ford also rebuilds Arnold Weber as Bernard Lowe ( which is an anagram of arn ol d we ber ber nar d lo we )and programs him as a host but as his spy at the management area because he is head of operations. Its quite fabulous which is why he couldnt see himself in the photo that Ford showed him because it might cause him harm and therefore to make him malfunction. You see they are not supposed to harm living things which is why when Dolores swats the fly it shows that she is not as sweet as she is supposed to be and she also remembers to dig up the gun.

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