Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If I were a rich man....

Joking apart, with food inflation being in reality 14% (which is what it is in India) and what it is here because we have basically the same foodstuffs, the Daily Mail gleefully saying it is costing us £230 more a year (Considering its more than that if you eat decently) and saying that Inflation is only 4.4% Hah! That is saying that you spend only, get this £2718 on food a year. Do you know anyone who manages on just £52 a week for food? for a family? Yes there maybe people out there who buy the lowest quality products and are obese as a result and who dont buy fruit and veg but it is exceedingly hard to buy vegetables and decent food and come out of a shop having paid just £52 in the supermarket.

Proves yet again that the Daily Fail has no idea what it is talking about and is pushing government propaganda that inflation is only 4.4%

I know mothers who if their weekly shop is less than £100 are ecstatic.

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  1. I remember my mother shopping with only $10 for the weeks groceries for a family of 6. It was really hard for all of us. We were always hungry.

    Today - a small bag of groceries is like you said $100. Still sad.