Monday, March 8, 2010

Chaos and Entropy

Is how I would describe my living quarters at present, and as such blogging is something that is way down the priority list.

It seems since I came out of hiding, that my social life has burgeoned, I go out nearly every day even though I can barely afford to, and I am cooking and eating freshly prepared food.  All this of course means that there is precious little time for blogging.

I also have things to prepare for and they take priority.  Witty things that catch my attention may well be posted but as I posted before the caveat is having the time to think and really do a post that is worth the effort.

Check back or offer to help out with the chaos. Many hands and all that. Mind you I could precis the whole of the election campaigns for Labour, LibDims, and Tory in one paragraph

We are going to lie and say that you actually have a say in matters, we are all going to put forward slightly different points of policy, that will brainwash you into thinking that you actually make a difference, whilst all the while sucking up to our EU overlords and making sure you don't find out, because otherwise we might end up on a gibbet swinging by our necks and in the meantime we are going to make all the other parties look like extremists so that our status quo is maintained as a rubber stamp operation for the EU Laws made by the unelected oligarchs in Brussels influenced by the Bilderberg overlords.

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  1. Well summarised. I might have to pinch that - credited of course!