Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Bovey Tracey Incident

Many of my readers would have heard about the Bovey Tracey incident
where a mansion was wrecked by several gatecrashers, probably half of South Devon's teenagers turning up but it certainly put Bovey Tracey on the map.

I am in South Devon at present, doing a little research and development. I am staying at a very nice place called Sampsons Farm. It is a hotel, and award winning restaurant, think Masterchef and you wont go far wrong, but its more affordable than those places which is very nice and very sweet. It is my second time there, I went there three years ago at this time of the year when the buds are coming out and the blossom is present. It is a delightful place to stay, and is dog friendly and has free range chickens and free range eggs for breakfast. Its no mansion but it is older than Shakespeare, and has a nice open fire to warm you up.

The proprietor's wife is a watercolour artist and is very accomplished, having done lots of illustrations, company logos, and some very good nude work, Paintings are for sale and there are workshops and watercolours for sale at the farm. alomg with the usual eggs and ambience.

The farm is near the river Teign and is near some great walks over looking Dartmoor, and is a great base to explore Dartmoor from.

I shall be doing some farm updates in the next couple of weeks, and there is talk of some apartments being built , just a few attractive ones, on the farm that you could let out and be part of the hotel when you arent there, if of course you can bear to drag yourself away.

All in all a piece of heaven in Devon countryside. You have to go and visit You will enjoy it there and believe me if you have stayed elsewhere the welcome there will outdo the rest.

Many people who go there return year on year, I certainly did.


  1. Bovey Tracey - what a dump. I'm not surprised at what happened.

  2. It sounds wonderful more like a holiday rather than working - enjoy. Glad that life sounds as if its treating you more kindly....