Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Death of a Colleague

As I surfed last night I came across the doctor missing from Edinburgh and at first didnt register the name, thought yeah another one bites the dust and then I see the same thing on our doctors' website and then review the webpage . I make the connection from seeing the photo again and reading more deeply. He's been missing for a week in the lovely balmy temperatures and they found a body an hour and half walk from his car and have called the search off. He leaves three children and a distraught wife and grieving brothers.
It shouldn't have to happen, I'm saddened that someone I went to medical school with and who is the same age as I am is dead. Yet his NHS trust is refuting the idea that he worked 84 hours a week and not taking any responsibility at all.

All doctors who work 7 nights on shift work 84 hours for that week. Yet the public as seen from the Have your say page on the BBC news website feel we get paid wonderfully and cant understand the current jobs crisis.

Many of us have exit strategies in place, for some it is retirement others it is fleeing this awful place that Britain has become in the last ten years.

My thoughts today rest with his family, friends many of whom I know and his grateful patients and many many work colleagues.

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